• Is there a difference between the 5k, 15k, and Zombie Race?

The Zombie Race has 5k waves and one 15k wave. The Zombie Run is not separate from the 5k and 15k. Each wave zombies chasing runners. They are attempting to steal health flags from runners. You can sign up to be a runner or zombie.

  • How do I register?

Visit our Registration Page Click here

  • What does the Registration fee include?

The Registration fee includes participation in the race, zombies, 3 health flags, bib number, mud, zombies, mud, Zombie Race sack pack, zombies,  mud, one Free Beer ticket (for runners 21 and older), mud, finisher medal, mud, live entertainment, and did we mention MUD!!

  • Can I register to be a runner and a zombie?

No, because zombies and runners are on the course at the same time.

  • I signed up to be a runner but now I want to be a zombie instead. Can I transfer?

Yes. Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com

  • I signed up to be a zombie but now I want to be a runner instead. Can I transfer?

Yes, but there will be an additional $40 fee. Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com

  • Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all entry fees for running  are non-refundable.

  • Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

You may transfer your registration up until 1 week before the race. It is your responsibility to collect money from the person you transfer your registration to. A transferred registration can only be used at the date, location, and wave time you signed up for. You may not transfer your registration to somebody that wants to participate in a race at a different location. Please fill out this simple form here and then email it to us at info@zombieadventurerun.com

  • What if it rains?

Even better because Zombies love the rain!

  • When is the last day I can register?

Please look at the specific location’s event page you wish to attend for more details.

  • How much does it cost to run the race?

The earlier you sign up, the cheaper it is. Please look at the specific location’s event page you wish to attend for more details.

  • I registered for the race. When do I get more information?

An email will go out with all the information you need about a week before race weekend. There will be no tickets mailed.

  • Can I come just to watch?

Definitely. You can come because you’ll have a gnarly time even if you don’t race. Just show up to drink beer, eat food, cheer for your friends and party! Spectators get in free.

  • Do I need to register to be a spectator to come hang out?

Nope. But Remember to bring some extra cash for beer, food, and all the Zombie merchandise.

  • Can we register as a team?

Yes- This is done during the registration process.  However,  this wont help you survive.  Zombie seem to like teams the best

  • Where can I stay overnight?

Please look at the event page for your desired location.

  • Is it possible to camp out onsite?

Sorry but no camping available

  • Does it cost money to be a Zombie?

Yes. The price goes up as we get closer to the event so please sign up now. It’s an experience you will never forget, and you get some fun souvenirs to go along with it.


  • What time should I arrive on the day of the run? When is check in?

Runners should arrive 30 minutes  hour before their wave time. Please pick up your sack pack before your wave starts. There are things you will need for the race like your 3 health flags, bib number, one Free Beer ticket (for runners 21 and older), , and any extra things you have purchased. Please sign in at the starting line at least 5 minutes before your wave begins

Zombies should arrive at about 30 minutes prior to your scheduled session. This allows us time to get you all gory, give you a good orientation, and get you stationed on the course.

  • Do I need to bring a signed waiver?

Yes, a signed and dated copy of the participant waiver that can be downloaded here

  • What should I bring?

Your photo ID which required at check in and also if you plan on buying a beer.
A signed and dated copy of the participant waiver. Download now
Spare clothes, sneakers, and a towel
Money for food and additional beer after the race
Zombie costume

  • Are weapons allowed?

No. Your only weapon will be to run quickly. Train physically and prepare mentally.

  • Do I need to show up in Zombie makeup if I signed up to be a Zombie?

We recommend that you do to add more effect but we will have all the supplies on hand to transform you into a member of the brain-crazed slobbering undead. Just bring the right attitude, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and the willingness to get into character.

  • What do I get?

1. Zombie  Run Back Pack to keep these cool things in
2. $10 voucher towards Zombie goodies
3. 1 Free Beer (for runners age 21 and older)*
4. Racing bib
5. 3 health flags  – only for runners
6. Finisher medal
7. Party (bbq and more beer will be for sale)
8. Live entertainment
9. Tons of new friends covered in mud that are just as crazy as you are!

*Each runner who is 21 years or older will receive 1 free beer. Please be responsible; do not drink and drive.
Additional beer, food items, and clothing merchandise will be available for purchase throughout the weekend.

  • What should I wear?

Wear clothes you can get muddy and a sturdy pair of sneakers.

  • Can I wear a costume?

Hell Yeah! Just remember any clothes you wear are subject to getting quite messy. Costumes are encouraged.

  • Can I run the race in my costume?

Hell Yeah! Please make sure your costume does not injure other rebels.

  • Is there a place where I can put my stuff while I am running or enjoying the event?

You can check your belongings in the Gear Check tent. You can only pick up your items by giving the staff your bib number received during sack pack pick up.

  • Will there be drinking water available after the race for runners?

Yes of course! There will be water stations on the course as well.

  • Will there be food?

Of Course. There will be food for sale the whole weekend.

  • Will there be beer?

It wouldn’t be much fun without beer, would it? There will be beer for sale the whole weekend. You have to help us finish all the beer before the event is over.

  • Can I bring my own food or alcohol?

No. They will be confiscated. The only exception is campers can bring their own but it must remain at their campsite the whole weekend.

  • Can I bring my pet?

No. Pets are not allowed at Zombie Race.

  • Are there age divisions?

Zombie Race has no divisions based on age. Every wave will have people of all ages 9 and older. Feel free to register for any available wave regardless of your age. Just choose the time when u wanna race!

  • How old do you need to be in order to participate in the race?

9. Runners under age 18 must have the participation waiver signed by a parent prior to arriving to the race. Spectators can be of any age and do not need a participation waiver.

  • What if my child is not 9 today- can he or she still participate?

Yes as long as his or her birthday is on the day of the race or before.

  • Will photos be posted online?

Yes. Zombie Race will post the most extreme pictures on our website and facebook page If you have a photo or video to share with us, post it to our facebook page To buy pictures, please click here

  • Are there showers available after the race?

Yes of course 😉


  • What in the blue hell is Zombie Run?

Zombie Run is a 5k & 15k run with zombies.
From the moment you leave the start line, you’ll be running, crawling, and fleeing in horror from the hordes of undead whose only mission is to devour you alive! Will you survive not only the mud and the ravenous monsters, but the fear within yourself? Only you can decide.

  • How does the whole Zombie Run exactly work?

It’s very simple. When you register, you are given a flag belt with three health flags on it. Wear it so that one is on each hip, and one is behind you. Zombies will attempt to take your health flags. Each zombie may only take ONE health flag. If you make it to the finish line with at least one health flag, you survived. DO NOT hide the health flags under your clothes, or tuck them in in any way. This is cheating, and will get you disqualified.

  • Will I become a zombie if I loose all of my health flags?

You will not become a zombie, and cannot attack other runners. Doing so is a violation of the rules and will get you disqualified and asked to leave. However, you can still finish the race while you are infected.

  • Will I still get a finisher medal even if I loose all of my health flags?

Yes. You will get a finisher medal whether you finish the race dead or alive. Use it as motivation for the next outbreak!

  • Can zombies physically attack the runners?

No! No biting, tackling, pushing, or grabbing of anything but one health flag per runner is allowed. If you do any of these things, you will be escorted out of Zombie Race with no refund or perks.

  • Are there different kinds of zombies?

Yes. We have fast zombies – who are permitted to chase runners and take their flags, and slow shambling zombies who are not permitted to move quickly. If you sign up to be a zombie, you will be assigned a zombie type, and should act accordingly

  • How many zombies will be on the course?

Nobody knows! A zombie outbreak is unpredictable.

  • What if I do not fulfill my zombie tasks?

Not only will you embarrass the whole zombie clan, you will be asked to sit out of the race.

  • Will it be difficult?

Zombie Race is a challenge but not impossible. You’ll be glad you did it. It’s gonna be a hell of a time!

  • How do I know how fast I ran?

Zombie Race is not timed. Surviving the race with a health flag is the goal not finishing it fast.

  • Is there a time limit to finish the course?

No. You can walk the course or bypass any mud pit if you wish.

  • Is it easy to get lost on the course?

No. The course is marked so you’ll know what direction to run in.

  • How does each obstacle work?

You won’t know exactly til race day! Zombie fanatics relish challenging surprises! Most locations do not have obstacles. Check the specific event page to see if there are obstacles at your desired location. Click on your location’s page for a detailed map of the race.

  • Can a fellow runner help me get through an obstacle if I cannot do it by myself?

Sure. Most runners have spectacular sportsmanship. You will see a lot of strangers helping strangers. Most locations do not have obstacles. Check the specific event page to see if there are obstacles at your desired location. Click on your location’s page for a detailed map of the race.

  • Can I participate in Zombie Run if I can’t swim?

Sure, there is no water too deep that you cannot walk through.

  • Is it safe?

Participating in Zombie Race has risk. Please enter at your own discretion. There will be medical personnel and an ambulance at the event in case of an emergency.

  • Will I be able to participate even if I am in bad shape or don’t exercise regularly?

Finishing the race is about how mentally tough you are more than how physically fit you are.

  • How can I get in better shape for Zombie Race?

1. Have your friends and family dress up as Zombies. Then have them chase you around the neighborhood. (1-5 mile runs recommended)
2. Dig a mud pit in your neighbor’s yard to bathe in
3. Stretch
4. Hydrate with H20
5. Eat Well
6. Sleep Well
7. Be mentally tough and know that you can succeed

  • Can we form a team?

Sure. Race with as many friends and family members as you want.

  • Will there be a photographer to take pictures of me and my zombie-crazy friends?

Hell Yeah! The pictures will be available on Zombie Race’s photo webpage for purchase after the weekend.

  • Where can my friends and family take pictures of me?

The best place is near the finish line.


  • How can we raise money for a specific charity that we feel passionate about?

Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com if you want us to help you raise money for a charity you like. Please give us your name, address, and phone #. Also give us the name of the charity, their website, phone #, and if you have anybody specifically you want us to speak with. We will contact you and the charity to see how we can help out.

  • How do I volunteer?

Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com to let us know you have the spirit and qualifications to be a volunteer.

  • I am a journalist that will cover the event. How do I get free admission?

Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com from your work email if you are interested in putting Zombie Run on TV, a newspaper, magazine, or any other website. Getting Zombie Run publicized will earn you a free race entry.

  • How can we become a sponsor?

Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com

  • Can I get a job at Zombie Race?

Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com and let us know what your talents are. We are looking for cool people that are detail-oriented, think innovatively, work hard, and love to have fun!

  • Other questions?

Please email us at info@zombieadventurerun.com You can also call or text us at (484)-450-6410 however we can respond to emails and text messages quicker than voicemails. We receive over 100 inquiries everyday so please be patient with us. We will respond as quickly as possible.
Note: The answers to questions can vary depending on the event. Please check the specific event page for more details on the event you are looking to attend.