Rules and Guidelines


  • Zombies must sign in and sign out at the Zombie Transformation Chamber.
  • Zombies will not physically contact any runner except when trying to pull off a health flag. Any grabbing, pushing, or striking between zombies and runners will result in being escorted out of the race without a refund
  • Zombies are not allowed to grab more than one health flag at a time from a runner.
  • Zombies must abide by what their zombie group leaders say. They can help lead you to victory.
  • Any zombies that seem visibly intoxicated will not be allowed to participate. There will be no refunds given
  • All zombies must be 9 years of age by race day to participate.


  • All runners must be at least 9 years of age.
  • If you need to use the restroom, please use the designated restrooms before you start the race. Please do not pee or poop on the course.
  • All runners must wear their bib provided in their sack pack they received at check in. Runners may not participate in the race without it. Bibs must be worn on the front. Any unregistered person will not be allowed to run.
  • All runners must wear appropriate footwear during the race.
  • Please have good sportsmanship. The Survival Race LLC has the right to disqualify anyone from the race and/or ask them to leave if they get into a fight, cheat, or act in an un-sportsmanlike conduct.
  • All people at the event agree to allow Great Vision Productions LLC to use any videos or photos of the event that they are in for marketing purposes.
  • All instructions from the race staff, security, and medical personnel must be abided by all runners and spectators.


  • BBQ
  • Beer Drinking
  • …And more!


  • Great Vision Productions LLC engineered the course to make it truly challenging and grueling but also took measures to make it safe.
  • If you feel that you cannot complete the race or feel unsafe, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the race.
  • If you are wearing a costume, please make sure that it cannot injure you or any of your fellow rebels on or off the course.
  • If you appear to be injured or suffering, medical personnel reserve the right to examine you.


  • Run frequently (1-5 mile runs recommended)
  • Dig a mud pit in your neighbor’s yard to bathe in
  • Stretch
  • Hydrate with H20
  • Eat Well
  • Sleep Well
  • Be Mentally Tough


  • Your photo ID which is required at check in and also if you plan on buying beer
  • Money for additional beer, food, gear, and activities after the race
  • Extra clothes, sneakers, and a towel to wipe off with after being hosed down because there's no doubt you'll be muddy
  • Zombie costume
  • …And more!
  • Zombie makeup all over


  • Please leave valuables at home. Great Vision Productions LLC is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  • Please leave bicycles, skates, and skateboards at home
  • Pets
  • Outside food or alcohol
  • Glass bottles
  • Real weapons
  • Poor Sportsmanship


Participants must sign a legal disclaimer stating they will accept full responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred due to training and/or participating in Zombie Race. This includes but is not limited to ambulance service, hospitalization, surgical procedures, and physician services in and out of a hospital setting. Zombie Race has the right to modify anything about the event at any time for any reason